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Fitness Over 50

There are many studies that show older adults who exercise can reduce bone loss, increase muscular strength, better mobility, prevent falls and injuries with improved balance and live longer independently! Additional benefits include decrease in lower back and arthritic pain, decrease in resting blood pressure, daily activities become easier, and weight management!  As an added bonus, staying physically active increase mental awareness!


As a Certified Fitness Trainer, I will safely and effectively, with the permission and guidelines from your doctor, will create a program specific to your needs and goals.  I can train you with techniques to prevent muscle atrophy, improve bone strength and boost quality of life.

The 6 pillars of the Fitness over 50 Program include:

  • Aerobic Fitness – stimulates the cardiovascular system to improve strength in the heart, circulation of oxygen in the blood, build lung capacity, and maintain healthy weight and blood pressure
  • Strength Training – bigger stronger muscles, increase bone strength, make it easier to engage in daily activities and improves balance and coordination
  • Flexibility – alleviates stiffness and prevents injuries
  • Balance – helps prevent falls and broken bones
  • Suspension Training- effective for injury rehabilitation, improved functional capacity and assisting in fundamental exercises.
  • Relaxation – helps bring heart rate back to a resting state and relieving stress

Our Goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle, improve strength, balance and stability thereby increasing confidence and independence!

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